The luxe jam #1 was the perfect occasion to create a small game and learn the how to use luxe engine. I observed the constraints "fixed color palette (use pico8 palette)" and "one screen / button / life / room" (all at one !). I also tried to fit the main theme, since the bird was supposed to be a robot bird and the columns full of ivy.

So I did this simple Flappy game, with an infinite level. Enjoy the game and try to beat your high score !

Controls : juste press Space or left click to play


Flappy Luxe 0.3 4.1 MB


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The pixel art is gorgeous. Bird colors may be confused with bottom background colors, but that's nitpicking. Good job making it to the end!

Thanks ! The pico8 palette is hard but really fun to use (I also tried to put an outline on gameplay elements).