A downloadable game for Windows

You have to leave right now. But in the vast nothingness of space, will you be able to fly deep enough ?

Rate the compo entry right here https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/48/spacespacespace !

Fight ennemies, gather fuel and try to explore the infinite universe generated for every play !

Space?Space!SPACE is a twin stick shooter made with GameMaker Studio 2, in which you have to go deeper and deeper in space, the furthest you can from your starting point.
I recommand using a gamepad to play the game, but you can also use a keyboard (WASD + arrow keys). I hope you will enjoy your journey, and thanks for playing my game !


SpaceSpaceSPACE 1.0 2 MB
SpaceSpaceSPACE 1.0 SOURCES 291 kB

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